Tuesday, January 29, 2013

No Limits

This is my motto for this year. As soon as I thought about doing a half-marathon race, I knew there was no reason in the world for me to justify NOT doing it. I won't know what I'm capable of until I try. I get excited thinking about what this year will bring. I truly believe getting fit is 100% mental. You've got to convince your mind that your body is capable. 

Stop making excuses.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Call Me Crazy!

Well my bucket list is expanding by leaps and bounds lately. My newest addition: running most of and then finishing a half-marathon. Yep 13.1 miles will be behind my name on May 25, 2013! It's going to be quite the challenge for me. I'm currently only able to run a 5K distance (3.1 miles), so I've got a long way to go, but as of now I have the ambition and that's the most of it. You know... I have to admit that it feels great to say that I can ONLY run 3.1 miles. Two years ago I would have laughed at anyone who would have told me I would someday run that far without stopping, and I really would have thought they were nuts if they mentioned my name associated with the word half-marathon! I'm so excited about what my future holds.

I'm now at 35.27 miles for January with 20.55 of those jogged. The last three days have totaled over 11 miles with 8.2 of them jogged! It's tough during the run, but I'm sure proud afterward! Running/exercising is so rejuvenating in so many ways. As is sleep, which is where I need to head. :)

More on the half-marathon to come! We are going at it as a team, but aren't quite finalized on who our team of 4 will be yet.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Playing Catchup

I've been trying to keep up with all these goals. So far so good. On this 27th day of January I am currently at 27.95 miles walked/jogged total. 15.45 of those miles have been ran/jogged. I'd like to do at least 100 miles ran this year, but more would be better. Yesterday I headed out for a walk and decided I was going to run 5K total (3.1) miles just to see if I could still do it and see how long it would take. I had previously set a goal for myself to run a 5K this Spring sometime in under 30 minutes. I ran my first 5K race earlier this year in the summer and it took 30:36. And so I began jogging yesterday. The biggest portion of the first mile was downhill, but it allowed me to break my record time for running a mile 9:05. That caused me to push on. If I could get a mile in in close to 9 minutes, then I could for sure get a 5K in in under 30 minutes. So I pushed through the panting and pain. Two miles passed and then 3 and then I hit the 3.1 miles, quit jogging to check my watch and figure up the time it took. 29:40!!!!! YAY!!! Goal accomplished! Now to lower that goal to challenge myself. I'm thinking next I'll try for under 28 minutes. I know that doesn't seem like much of a decrease, but the faster you run, the harder it is to shave off time from the total. I'll start there and see where it takes me. 

I'm also very thrilled that I'm finally getting some toning in my legs. I've always HATED my legs. They've been big, flabby and to steal a quote from a friend, have had "hail damage" (cellulite). All of that is going away and I'm liking what I'm left with. No, they aren't anywhere close to being Carrie Underwood legs, but they're getting much closer. :) 

New this week... I also started a Google Spreadsheet for those who have joined the private Facebook group to challenge themselves to 365 miles this year. So far no one has shared their email address with me for me to share the document with them, but I hope they do. It is super easy to use and I have it all set up so it will figure their miles for them. And then we can see everyones progress each day. I'll have to do better to advertise it to them. :) 

As far as other goals go: I've been working really hard to get caught up on the book reading to the kids (primarily Hunter so far, although Laci was looking at a Farm book in church last night and LOVED flipping the pages and looking at the pictures).  I'm currently at 19 books read to him (I don't count books that Trevor reads on nights he puts him to bed, just when I do). They aren't all new books. A lot of them are repeats, but he loves reading some of the same books so he can read most of the words with me. Touches my hear to hear him read and love reading so much. We also read prayers each night and Bible stories from a kids bible story book. I don't count those for the total books read because those are kind of just special books. Reading to him before bed helps make him want to go to bed, and gives us good bonding time. A well needed and loved goal. 

Another part of this years goal is to work toward a Master's degree. So far that is going well. I've been staying about a week ahead of the due dates for my assignments. Trying to stay ahead so that if Trevor has to go back to his old job and travel, I've got some time built in to keep caught up. So far I've earned 100% on all of my assignments, too. :) Feels good to do good and be ahead. 

The last of my goals is 52 hours of toning. Right now I'm at 4.5. I've slacked off on this a bit lately, but luckily got ahead at the beginning of the year. Gotta get back to it soon. :)

Things are going great lately! Couldn't ask for a better life right now and wouldn't want to. :) 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Photo update

So one morning this week I was feeling rather "skinny". I can now wear my "skinny dress pants" from many years ago regularly and not just on good days. Can't remember if I got them in high school, or shortly thereafter, but there have only been select times in my life when they actually fit me. They have no stretch to the waistline, so everything's locked into place once they're on. :) Not near to where I want to be, but closer than I have been for about 3 years!

January 17 update

Goal progress: 4.5 hours of toning/videos
                        15.26 miles (7.6 of those are jogged)
                        9 books read to Hunter (slacking here)

My Master's is already starting to take a small toll, although I'm trying my best to work ahead and not let it get me down. It's only nearing the end of week 1 and I'm beginning on my week 3 assignments. Feels great to be ahead!

This weeks advice to those wanting to take control of their lives and lose weight.... weigh yourself daily. Yes, it will fluctuate from day to day (mine is never the same two days in a row). However, the scale doesn't lie! If I have a bad eating day the day before, you can bet I'll notice on the scale the next morning. I don't worry about it day to day, but over time if I have several high readings in a row, it causes me to rethink what I'm doing and remind myself of the body I'm trying for. It gets me back on track.

Speaking of the scale... saw my lowest weight of the last 3 years this week. Bounced back up from it afterward, but I'm working my way down there. Takes time when you lose weight without the help of pills or special supplements, but it's worth it to know you're doing it all by exercising more and eating better. No cheating here! You really can do it with diet and exercise alone! I still eat things I enjoy (chocolate might as well be my middle name), but I am learning to count calories and have more calories burned than saved.

I hope everyone else is keeping their goals in mind and not giving up on them yet! If you put your mind to it, you really can achieve what you hope for. You just have to convince your mind that you really can do it. It's 100% mental and I truly believe that!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

January 9 update

Making some progress!
Jan 9 update:
  • 3 hours of videos/toning in so far this year
  • 10.57 miles
Feeling great! Loving this warmer weather! Sure hope everyone is getting some time in outside to enjoy it.

My free advice for this week: Don't give up on yourself. Push yourself to do just a little bit more, walk a little further, run a little further, do a couple more situps or pushups, just always try to go for a few more. You will be surprised at what your body is capable of! Really! When I think about quitting running and just want to finish my trip out with walking, I push for another couple tenths of a mile. Sure haven't keeled over yet. :) I've also been doing some Jillian Michaels videos, which are really tough. I always push myself to try to do all of the moves she wants the viewers to do and not cheat and quit early or modify the moves. I believe its this mentality that's causing me to finally see some slowly toning muscles in my body!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Off on the right track!
My 2013 fitness journey began today. I got in 30 minutes of toning doing the Jillian Michaels Six Week 6 pack video today! Only 51.5 more hours of toning to go this year! :)
I'm waiting for the snow to dry up to start on my miles (although one of my last miles to finish out 2012 was completed by walking circles around the yard while the snow was coming down on New Year's Eve... note to self to not get so far behind on miles in 2013).

Today I also started the Facebook group for those who are up for the challenge of walking/jogging/biking 365 miles this year. I'm quite overwhelmed by the amount of people who agreed to take on the challenge even knowing there's no prize at the end of the year! So inspiring! It's a no-lose challenge. Even if you don't make it all the way to 365 miles any miles you get in is better than none. I did find that the more miles I put in and the closer I go to my goal, the more determination I had to make it. Which is how I was able to put in 18 miles the last 3 days of the year!

For those wondering how to keep track of their miles... I purchased a Garmin Forerunner watch online through Wal-Mart at the beginning of last year. That was one of my best purchases all year! I love it! I have also used the Nike Running App on my phone (its free!). But I did find that the App is not as accurate as my watch, which surprised me. Either way you'll be close to knowing how far you went. I also set challenges to go further each time, or faster, or jog more of the mile. It led me up to completing my very first 5K all ran last year! That was a great accomplishment, too.

Well good luck to all who are making 2013 a year to take control of their own lives and bodies! You won't regret it!