Monday, April 8, 2013

Long overdue update.

Goal update:
Total miles: 112
Total jogged: 80
Toning: 7.25
Books read: 107
Current day of the year: 98th

Finally making a little more progress lately after a rough time for quite awhile. I have let life take over and haven't made time for myself. The warmer weather has helped me remember why I need that time. I want to feel comfortable in my summer clothes this year especially shorts and swimsuits. I don't want flabby thunder thighs. This is the main reason that I have shifted my focus to my legs. I have done a lot of squats, lunges, etc  the past three days.
My weight has not been coming down anymore lately also due to the breaks I have been giving myself with exercise and eating. I had thought that giving up chocolate for lent would help but instead I found that I would try to eat a bunch of other sweet foods to make up for the loss of chocolate in my life. Yes, Im addicted. :). So now Im set back a little but I've found more motivation to keep going. Still hoping to end this year much better off than last year and have a Masters degree under my belt and then have an even better year next year.
My current class is a little rough. Im making good grades but this professor is a little more unsure of what she wants which makes it hard to follow through or get ahead. Im just playing the game and trying to survive it all. MAP testing is coming up at school which is always stressful. The hubby is also out of town for the first time again in over 4 months and won't be back until Thursday. We also have a lot of weddings, showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, etc. coming up. Not to mention both kids' birthdays within the next month and a half. Very busy times. I will be proud of any time I get in. The half marathon is lower on my priority list than other things. I want to do it so badly and to run it all and to have a great finishing time but finding time to train is tough and only getting worse. Still going to give it my best but worried that wont be as good as I originally thought.
On a good note... ONLY 6 MORE WEEKS OF SCHOOL UNTIL SUMMER BREAK! The kids and teachers all need a break from one another for sure. I think I can, I think I can.

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