Monday, February 25, 2013

Silly Groundhog

I think this is one of the first years ever that that darn groundhog didn't see his shadow, which is supposed to mean that we will have nicer weather up until spring gets here. So much for that! I think the weather turned worse right around Groundhog's Day and has gone downhill since. Two snow days off of school last week and more blizzard-like weather headed our way tomorrow (and likely another snow day). I know it's just an excuse, but this weather has sure made it hard to get my miles in and to train for the half marathon without access to a gym or treadmill. I didn't get ANY miles in this past week (after last Sunday) which is rather depressing. Finally, this Sunday, February 24 I got in a measly 1.6 miles with only 1 of those jogged and that was while pushing Laci in the jogging stroller through the muddy/slushy gravel road. Couldn't even wear my new shoes.

So here is this weeks goal update:
62.3 total miles
44 total jogged
54 books read (by me) to Hunter (making some good progress here lately and loving the bonding time)
5 hours of toning (see note below about this)
7th week of Master's class- only 2 assignments left!!! YAY!!!!

Well I finally got back to getting a little toning time in (two 15 minute sessions). I go on a video kick and then I get out of the video kick. For awhile I'm all gung-ho on doing exercise videos, and then for awhile I get in the mode of thinking it's too complicated to first find my tiny living room floor back to clear a small area to be able to exercise in for the 30-40 minutes of each video. I realize these are just excuses as well and I need to just get past them. I've found a small way to "cope". I've begun doing 15 minute miscellaneous exercise periods. I do arm work, leg work, and ab work all just in my own random, hodge-podge order. 15 minutes seems bearable and "easier" to fit in although I realize that again, I'm making more excuses. Who can't possibly spare 30 minutes a day? (Apparently me.) I was going to scrap my goal of toning for the year and just say that my Master's and "Life" took over and I got too busy, but I don't believe in giving up on a goal that really is do-able. It's not an unreachable goal. I wouldn't allow myself to set one that I didn't think I could accomplish. So I'll find a way to catch back up and work my way through it. Perhaps starting on snow day #3 tomorrow if that comes about, I'll find time while the kids are napping.
This quote is my motivation to ME this week!
6 Tips to Stop Whining & Find your Happy Place in Fitness. #fitfluential

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